Make Money Online and Work at Home

Make Money Online and Work at Home

Making money online and working at home is a dream come true. Going out into the workforce was something that you just had to do to earn a living. Who would have thought decades ago that you would be able to go online and work online as well? It’s something that has blossomed into a way of life and it is something that many people do full-time and even part-time to have extra income or replace their existing income.

Let’s face it, you can’t go a day without going online at some point or another. The average person spends over 8 hrs. a day on their phone. That sounds really high and you might have just said to yourself “I don’t”. If you really add up all the time spent online throughout the day, you’d be surprised to find yourself close to that. Time goes by fast and you don’t realize it.

If you’re like most people, you go online at night when you’re at home and you have time. The majority are online from 4pm to 11pm. That is a huge time frame where you could potentially be making money and at home. Take advantage of what you have right in front of you. It’s something that you already do and you might not know how much potential (and money) you’re leaving on the table. If you have kids like me, you want to be home to have that quality time with them that you won’t get when you’re at the office. Building a website and working at home will allow you to work your own hours, get that quality time and not miss those important school activities.

Ways to Make Money Online

I’m a stay at home mom and I researched how to make money online because I wanted to contribute to the household and I had no idea how I could do it while still staying at home. I didn’t realize there were so many outlets to do it, yet I was using lots of them and not knowing it.

Facebook is the #1 social media site out there followed by Twitter and Pinterest. When you post something on one of these sites people tend to “like” them right? Well, have you ever recommended a product or service to someone on one of these social sites? If you answered yes, you just promoted that product and that company will make a profit if that person decides to buy it all because you recommended it. See where I’m going here? You will mostly go some where or buy something because someone else did and told you about it as well. If the product or service is good, people will keep buying. It all starts with word of mouth and that is online marketing.

Did you know that most major retail companies like Amazon, Target, Walmart have online affiliate programs? What is an affiliate program? It is an electronic program that merchants like those I mentioned who pays the affiliate web sites a commission based on traffic to their site. You promote them by posting a link or banner of a product and the visitor will click on that and you get that commission if a sale has been made. It’s as simple as that.

Online ads are on every page you see. I never realized it until I started online marketing. I now know why they are doing that and realized I have also clicked on some that have interested me. Bing ads and Google AdSense are huge ways to boost your earnings by promoting either your page or the affiliate links so it attracts more visitors and the likely hood that someone will click on it goes way up. This quick video straight from Wealthy Affiliate explains how easy it is to make money online.

How to make money online

How do I Start Online Marketing?

Now that you know what involves online marketing, you need to know where to start. I started and still am with one of the top online marketing companies called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate was created in 2005 to help people create a website of their own so they can succeed with their own online business. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the top online trainings to help you step by step. I had never built a website before and had no clue what it entailed.

Once I signed up, I felt welcome right away by getting a private message from the co-founder Kyle. I also received messages from other members welcoming me. The community at Wealthy Affiliate has surpassed any training and help I needed from any company I have worked with. You can ask a question and get an answer in a minute from many experts within the community or even through the live chat. This has helped me build up confidence in myself that I can actually do this. We all help each other and that makes a huge difference.

It only took me 30 seconds to make a life changing decision. I signed up and didn’t know where to start. I followed the 10 course training and started to build my FREE website based on whatever niche I wanted. Whatever your passion is, you can create a website on it. Wealthy Affiliate provides you a SiteRubix domain that you can use or you can create a .com domain as well with being a premium member. You can build a website of your own and get top training too in 30 seconds.

How do I Get Visitors to my Website?

By this time I have started the step by step training and now starting to build my site, but what do I put in it to attract visitors? There is a free tool called Jaaxy which is right on the Wealthy Affiliate site and they have their own website as well to create ideas for your niche. This tool is an essential part in building your site because it gives you keywords and phases that will attract visitors to your site rather than the others who are writing about the same thing. Jaaxy also gives you how much traffic your site could potentially get and how many competitors you’re up against so you pick the best keywords. You definitely want to use this to boost your site to get on the first page of search engines. You can try it out and see how neat it is.

Imagine how many billions of people are online and researching topics. The opportunity is huge and it all starts with a simple website, a niche and great content. You can do exactly what I did and succeed with the best training and help at Wealthy Affiliate all while doing it at home.

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18 thoughts on “Make Money Online and Work at Home”

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for your comment. I myself had no clue there was so much opportunity out there online. You are absolutely right about working to get what we want. Noone will do the work for us.

  2. Wow, great article you broke everything into detail and wealthy affiliate is a great program. Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of working from home. The internet is an employer and its up to us to work for what we want.

  3. Hi JR,
    Thanks for your comment and I appreciate your feedback. When it comes to things that I am passionate about, I speak what’s true and want to let other know as well. I wouldn’t write something if it wasn’t. If I can help one person, I’m happy. Keep an eye out for more posts coming soon.

  4. Hi Furkan,
    Thank you for your comment. Jaaxy is very user friendly and once you play around with it you’ll get some amazing ideas. It even goes deeper with great sentences to use as well. Use the link in the post to play with it. It gave me some other words I didn’t really think to come up with and since it gives the competition, it’s handy. Let me know if you have any questions!

  5. Hi Kasey, such a great article. Just by reading it, I felt your genuine desire to help other peeps realize the potential online. Thank you for this. I share the same passion for Wealthy Affiliate. I also support and vouch for them. Thank you again and I am looking forward reading your other articles. =)

  6. this training platform looks legit and I heard quite good things about it. You mentioned about Jaaxy and I wonder how accurately determine the difficulty of a particular keyword?

  7. Hi Jill,
    I’m so glad you’re a member as well!! I couldn’t agree more. Without the support I don’t think I would still be here.

  8. Hi Kasey, Loved you post. Am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and although not making money yet am sure I will. The best thing for me was the teaching and giving me more confidence in myself as a writer. Love reading all the comments and find the people so ready to help when there is any need.
    Many thanks,

  9. Wow…8 hours on the phone! If I spend 8 hours a week, I am doing too much. However, the stat is legit. It’s one of the reasons why digital marketing via mobile is expected to reach the tens of billions in 2018.

  10. Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for your comment. I know I still look at funny cat videos myself so don’t feel bad. We still have to be entertained right?

  11. That statistic is incredible. The fact that we spend 8 hours a day on our phone still baffles me. I would’ve never thought that that was true but when I think about it I’m always on it when I’m at home and even throughout the day at work. I’m going to take your advice on board and do something more productive with my life rather than mindlessly scrolling through my social medias for the latest and greatest funny cat video. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Vicki,
    Thank you for commenting and the nice compliment. I’m glad you could learn something from it. We learn something new everyday!
    – Kasey

  13. Hi Matt’s mom, Thank you for your comment. I have heard the same thing from other members of Wealthy Affiliate. They were hesitant because of being scammed and gave them a try and we have thousands of members.
    It is going great so far. I have met so many great people that will me and if they can’t they’ll find an answer.
    Im so glad you joined!!
    – Kasey

  14. You know I have been considering Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time. I actually signed up with them a few years back. I had been scammed so many times, that I lumped Wealthy Affiliate in that category. I now see that they are still around and a very legitimate way to make money from home. Boy do I wish I would have started years ago when I first found them! How has it been for you so far?

  15. What a great site you have a way with words and they are right, we search the internet in search for something. Never thought of it that way. Than you for the info look forward to reading more, VickiG

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