Difficult Toddler Behaviors

Why Do Toddlers Do What They Do?

When you’re a parent you have to do things that you absolutely dread doing. It may be daily, monthly or yearly things. They’re just some things you wish weren’t so difficult to deal with. Some aren’t that big of a deal, however your child makes it 10 times more difficult than it should be.

Do you remember your mom or dad saying to you “If you would just do XYZ it wouldn’t be that hard?” I find myself saying and thinking that on a daily basis. To kids some stuff they go through is still fairly new to them and they are still trying to get used to it all. They’re some things as adults we’ve never gotten used to. It’s part of life and if everything were as easy as we would like, our lives would be boring. We always have a story to tell and that’s what’s great about life.

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When you mention needing to go to the doctor, the look on your child’s face is like they’re going to the pound. Doctors are there to help you and for some reason they’re the ones they hate. Maybe they have a repressed memory of being a newborn and having to do all those tests and getting shots. Even when they’re going for a regular checkup with no shots it’s a big deal.

When you need to go you’re more than likely going to have to give them a prep talk on the way there so when you arrive they don’t freak out.

You’ll be sitting in the waiting area or the examination room for probably a minimum of 30 minutes before the doctor comes in, so you’ll need to entertain and stop them from touching everything, which doesn’t last very long.

Once you finally get to see the doctor and as they come near them they start to panic. That pep talk you just had meant nothing. What you thought was going to happen actually happens. You need to hold them down kicking and screaming just to get their temperature. It’s just a thermometer! Having to watch them “hurt” your kids breaks your heart and it’s worse because you’re the one that has to hold them down. You never want to see your child cry, but it’s something we have to do. Maybe one day they’ll understand we’re really trying to keep them alive.

When they eventually stop crying and you go to checkout, they see that bowl of lolly pops as if it has a bright white light over it. They miraculously have a big smile on their face and forget all about what just happened. Whoever thought of that was a genius and we all thank you!

Getting Your Toddler To Get Dressed

When I was little I used to change my clothes 10 times before leaving the house (don’t ask my why) and I’m not sure how I made it on time to anything. Now I have OCD with being on time which makes getting my 4yr old get dressed much harder. I even tell my son to get dressed as soon as he gets up because I know how he hates getting dressed.

I’ll ask a few times while still being nice about it. My mornings go a little something like this. Please get dressed. Get dressed. Are you getting dressed? You better be getting dressed! Why aren’t you getting dressed? Why aren’t you dressed? By this time I’m yelling and he’s giving me an excuse that he needed to fix his garage for his cars or even tell me his leg hurts and he can’t do it. Then I’m still yelling and he’s throwing a tantrum because he hates getting dressed.

So why don’t I just get him dressed and save myself the headache? Oh hell no! I taught him how to do it so I wouldn’t have to. They need to know that we won’t always be there to help them with things and they are more than capable of doing it all by themselves. Plus I don’t want him living with me past the age of 18, so the more he can do now the more he can help himself with other things going forward. This is a daily battle, but I know he’ll get it and his future wife will thank me.

Getting Your Toddler To Use The Potty

If you read my post on potty training you now know how that goes and the difficulty still continues. Now that they’re potty trained you’d think they’ll use the potty when they need to. This won’t happen. You’ll still be asking if they need to go and tell them they need to go before leaving to go anywhere. Of course they’ll say no every time you ask. As soon as you get in the car and start driving they’ll say they need to go and they can’t hold it. I don’t really think they understand the question of if they need to go. Even when you explain that they’re no bathrooms or you can’t pull over on the interstate when cars are going 70mph. Nope, don’t need to go.

You’re somewhere and you see your child doing the “dance” so you take them to the bathroom even though they’re still insisting they don’t need to go. Sometimes they’ll end up going and sometimes they’ll still say they don’t need to go.

You know exactly what’s going to happen because it happens every time. You see them doing the dance again. Really? By this time they’re on the verge of exploding because they won’t use the potty when they should. Why? Because what they were doing was more important.

I wouldn’t want to stop what I’m doing either, but I also know you don’t want to hear me explain for the millionth time why you should have went earlier and why you’re so upset that you had the accident. We wouldn’t have to go through this and you could have been playing this whole time. All I can do is keep asking and know that one day they’ll get it and I won’t have to ask if they need to go pee pee in a huge crowd.

Toddlers and Potty Words

My oldest son never said anything close to a potty word until entering pre-school at the age of 4. Once he started school the potty talk began. What is considered potty talk? It isn’t curse words, which I’m not looking forward to. It is more of poop, pee and butt. Hence potty words. For some reason he likes to add these words to the end of every sentence. He even decides to throw in the word head once in a while too. He doesn’t use them to name call which I’m very thankful for, but I’m also surprised because he is in school and I know it happens.

It is really hard to explain to a 4 year old not use these words and why. They don’t understand that it’s just not proper. They aren’t really considered bad words. I guess I was raised not to say those words so I passed it on to mine. Toddlers around this age are still exploring their vocabulary and learning between what is right, wrong and why.

I’m not one that is going to blame the other kids for what mine is doing. The influence is very strong and my children will learn good and bad things from others, but my job as a parent is to teach my child and not worry about what others are doing. All we can do is teach them and hope they make the right choices. Even as adults we make bad choices. It’s part of life and we all had difficult behavior at one point, but it’s what we learn from it that matters.











12 thoughts on “Difficult Toddler Behaviors”

  1. Hi Ingo,
    Thank you for your comment and your kind words. We all have things that we wish we could have done better and at that moment you don’t realize the impact it makes. Nobody is perfect.
    – Kasey

  2. Hi, I am Ingo 🙂

    I love it all what you post and comment.

    I am 52, have sons, First is 31 years old and the other one is 27 years old, from two different beautiful women 🙂

    I was, unfortunately, not a very good father. I was too many times, too far away from home and wasn’t ready for a family, at this time.

    Now my life has changed a lot in the last 30 years. You can see it on my Website 😉

    I really love what you wrote my dear, Kasey.

    All the best, to Everyone here.


  3. Hi Brad,
    Im glad I could give you a little laugh today. Everything is funny when it’s not your kids. I laugh about a lot of things after the fact, but when you’re in the moment emotions take over. Good for you for being an uncle to your friends kids. I have a lot of great memories with mine and I think it made it better that they weren’t my parents. Sometimes we just need a break from our parents too.
    – Kasey

  4. I had to chuckle at your article. Not being a parent myself, I have seen the trial and tribulations that many parents go through. I am however an uncle to many of my friends kids, but am glad that I am able to leave after a visit and have them as parents deal with an unruly child. I have to remember to take a step back when trouble arises, since I am only involved for a short time, and do not have to deal with the aftermath once I leave. I do offer that respect.

  5. Thank you for your comment Angi.
    Bless your heart for raising your own kids then fostering. It takes someone special to do that and I commend you.
    Even though we do complain, it’s all worth it.

  6. Oh boy have I been there! Put some of us are gluttons for punishment. I raised my two biological kids, adopted a third child from Columbia, and then just when they were grown and leaving the house, I got involved with foster care. Now, a couple of hundred children later, I still can’t get enough! So even though we Mothers complain and moan and groan, we really do love it, right?

    Thanks for your informative and enjoyable article.

  7. Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the comment. It is like we’re helping the doctors torture him when I hold him down.
    I’m sorry your son had to go through that. I remember having to get stiches and I had to be held down. It was horrible.
    – Kasey

  8. Hi Justin. Thank you for your comment. I agree with not saying “because I said so”. It doesn’t answer their question to begin with and I think it makes them feel like they don’t matter. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. My children are grown now, or mostly grown so those days are far behind me but you made me remember back and start laughing.

    There was one horrible doctor’s visit where my son had slipped and cut through his lip with his teeth. We were at the doctor’s office to get him stitched up and the doctor asked me to hold him down.

    It was so sad and so funny later. The look in his eyes as I betrayed him and helped the evil doctor. I laugh at it now but it was so sad to see the pain in my son’s eyes. I was doing the right thing for him but he sure didn’t understand it at the time.

    Wonderful article.

  10. Hi Kathleen.
    I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I know I’ll be going through this for a few more years. For such an easy task they still try to procrastinate. Good luck to you.

  11. Wow, raising a child takes a lot of work! My mother didn’t really want to talk about how hard to raise me and my sister. I don’t remember being a pain to her unless it was about video games.
    I do suggest giving them incentives to do what they are suppose to. For example, giving them sweets (like you mentioned) for being quiet. Be sure they didn’t lie about it either, they can be smart.
    Also, never tell them this infamous phrase: …because I said so. That really harms the child psychologically. Growing up, they would not want to explore and question the world around them with that phrase in mind.

  12. I could relate to so many of your descriptions lol! Having had 4 kids I’ve heard them come up with some amazing excuses for not getting dressed. My youngest (6yrs) still keeps using delay tactics. Now I make sure all of them get dressed before breakfast so they are at least half ready for school. Thanks for a good read :).

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