Kids Draw The Damndest Things!

Kids Draw The Damndest Things!

Kids sure do have an imagination of their own!! I have seen lots of funny pictures over the years of kids drawings and it never gets old. Everyone who has children always looks forward to the pictures they draw, but certainly don’t expect ones like this. That is one of the highlights of being a parent and embarrassing them later down the road.

Today is going to be a short post because I just absolutely found this picture that my 4 yr old had drawn to be so hilarious and wanted to give you all a good laugh! Trying to keep a straight face and asking what it was wasn’t easy. Apparently it is a picture of his friend and the bottom is food in his stomach. At least he has a smile on his face???

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How To Get A Child To Eat

How Do I Get My Child To Eat?

Oh boy! Eating and a toddler don’t go in the same sentence. Remember around the age of 1 when you first started to introduce solids and them pretty much eating anything you put in front of them? Those were the good old days. They didn’t know what was going on #1 and when they see food they eat it. Ya, maybe they would spit out the occasional pureed black beans. Wouldn’t you? They are new to eating real food and are as much excited about it as you are.

I’m going to give you a few tips for getting your child to eat that have helped me along the way with my own and things that I did and didn’t want to do because they were done to me as a child.

#1. Don’t force itWould you like to be forced to eat something? Remember as a child you couldn’t leave the dinner table without finishing all your dinner? That was miserable for everybody. If you haven’t been through it already, you’ll soon go through the stage where your child refuses to eat anything you place in front of them. At this point, they are trying to be in charge. This is where a little negotiation comes in. They don’t have to eat all of it, just a few bites. Even if it’s 3 bites of one item and 2 of another. This way they know they need to eat and you’re not forcing it on them.

#2. Like the books suggest, introduce foods slowly. Yes, the books are right about this one. The real reason behind this is due to allergies. Just because you and your family don’t have a particular food allergy, doesn’t mean your child won’t. Food allergies are so common now, that we really need to pay close attention to any changes when introducing a new food. This goes for babies and toddlers. When you do introduce a food, wait a few days until trying a new one. Many allergies don’t show immediate reactions. It could take a few days and sometimes they won’t have a reaction now, but can in a few years.

#3. Let children eat what they like. Eating Most children don’t like vegetables. There are the occasional ones that will be born loving them and I wish I knew how. Even eating them while pregnant, my children snubbed at the first sight of a vegetable. Now at the ages of 4 and 2, they won’t go near any and that’s ok. I have heard a lot of stories where the parent made their child eat a certain type of food and now they won’t eat it as an adult. Everyone has their own taste and love for certain foods. Please let them decide if they want to eat it or not. More than likely they will try it down the road and love it. If they will only eat fries, let them eat fries. I’d rather my child eat something than nothing. Once you force something on them they won’t forget it. That makes trying new things that more difficult.

#4. Make eating fun. Kids like to laugh and have fun right? They also like to have fun things to eat. Those dinosaur chicken nuggets are a life saver. My kids (being boys) like to make the dinosaurs fight then eat them. They also like different shapes and pictures. It makes dinner more fun for them and more likely for them to eat something they normally wouldn’t. You’ll be finding yourself making an airplane and flying it into your child’s mouth to get them to eat it.

Final Thoughts

Those are a few tips that I can give you about getting your child to eat. There is no guide to this. Kids much like adults, will choose what they like and don’t like. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.

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Top 10 Books For Toddlers

Top 10 Books For Toddlers

When you are looking for books for your toddler, of course, you want the best ones out there. As you probably know there are a lot. You could be starting a library for your child or buying for another. 10 books is a good number to start out with. You don’t want to start out with too many. Why not? You’ll get to know what your toddler likes and is interested in. By starting with the top 10 books for your toddler, you’re sure to know that these have been loved by thousands and they’re in the top 10 for a reason.

Books are a way to a child’s heart and mind. They learn from the very beginning from books. Even if they can’t understand what you’re talking about. It is building their vocabulary to learn how to read and to talk from books as well. They will learn colors, shapes, letters, and numbers all from books. Reading to your child is very crucial in helping them succeed from the very start. A bedtime routine is a must have. It calms the child down and lets them know that it is almost bedtime. Reading is a great way to start a routine if you already don’t have one. The last thing you want is a wound up child and then telling them it’s time for bed. This is also a great bonding time to spend with your child as well. At the end of every day, I look forward to reading with mine because it’s our one on one time even if it’s for 5 min. We need that and so do they and believe it or not they look forward to it. Watch this video on the importance of reading to our children and how it benefits them.

I compiled a list of the top 10 books that have been loved by thousands and for many years. Some of these you’ll even know from your own childhood which is really cool. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. I would love to hear what books you and your child like to read together. Feel free to share this page with others that may benefit from it too.

#1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carl

Buy on Amazon

#2. Yummy Yucky By Leslie Patricelli

Buy on Amazon

#3. Where is my Teddy? By Jez Alborough

Buy on Amazon

#4. Green Eggs and Ham By Dr. Seuss

Buy on Amazon

#5. The Book With No Pictures By BJ Novak

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#6. The Family Book By Todd Parr

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 #7. Are You My Mother? By P.D. Eastman

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 #8. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle

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#9.  Good Night Moon By Margaret Wise Brown

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#10. Oh The Places You’ll Go By Dr. Seuss

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Make Money Online and Work at Home

Make Money Online and Work at Home

Making money online and working at home is a dream come true. Going out into the workforce was something that you just had to do to earn a living. Who would have thought decades ago that you would be able to go online and work online as well? It’s something that has blossomed into a way of life and it is something that many people do full-time and even part-time to have extra income or replace their existing income.

Let’s face it, you can’t go a day without going online at some point or another. The average person spends over 8 hrs. a day on their phone. That sounds really high and you might have just said to yourself “I don’t”. If you really add up all the time spent online throughout the day, you’d be surprised to find yourself close to that. Time goes by fast and you don’t realize it.

If you’re like most people, you go online at night when you’re at home and you have time. The majority are online from 4pm to 11pm. That is a huge time frame where you could potentially be making money and at home. Take advantage of what you have right in front of you. It’s something that you already do and you might not know how much potential (and money) you’re leaving on the table. If you have kids like me, you want to be home to have that quality time with them that you won’t get when you’re at the office. Building a website and working at home will allow you to work your own hours, get that quality time and not miss those important school activities.

Ways to Make Money Online

I’m a stay at home mom and I researched how to make money online because I wanted to contribute to the household and I had no idea how I could do it while still staying at home. I didn’t realize there were so many outlets to do it, yet I was using lots of them and not knowing it.

Facebook is the #1 social media site out there followed by Twitter and Pinterest. When you post something on one of these sites people tend to “like” them right? Well, have you ever recommended a product or service to someone on one of these social sites? If you answered yes, you just promoted that product and that company will make a profit if that person decides to buy it all because you recommended it. See where I’m going here? You will mostly go some where or buy something because someone else did and told you about it as well. If the product or service is good, people will keep buying. It all starts with word of mouth and that is online marketing.

Did you know that most major retail companies like Amazon, Target, Walmart have online affiliate programs? What is an affiliate program? It is an electronic program that merchants like those I mentioned who pays the affiliate web sites a commission based on traffic to their site. You promote them by posting a link or banner of a product and the visitor will click on that and you get that commission if a sale has been made. It’s as simple as that.

Online ads are on every page you see. I never realized it until I started online marketing. I now know why they are doing that and realized I have also clicked on some that have interested me. Bing ads and Google AdSense are huge ways to boost your earnings by promoting either your page or the affiliate links so it attracts more visitors and the likely hood that someone will click on it goes way up. This quick video straight from Wealthy Affiliate explains how easy it is to make money online.

How to make money online

How do I Start Online Marketing?

Now that you know what involves online marketing, you need to know where to start. I started and still am with one of the top online marketing companies called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate was created in 2005 to help people create a website of their own so they can succeed with their own online business. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the top online trainings to help you step by step. I had never built a website before and had no clue what it entailed.

Once I signed up, I felt welcome right away by getting a private message from the co-founder Kyle. I also received messages from other members welcoming me. The community at Wealthy Affiliate has surpassed any training and help I needed from any company I have worked with. You can ask a question and get an answer in a minute from many experts within the community or even through the live chat. This has helped me build up confidence in myself that I can actually do this. We all help each other and that makes a huge difference.

It only took me 30 seconds to make a life changing decision. I signed up and didn’t know where to start. I followed the 10 course training and started to build my FREE website based on whatever niche I wanted. Whatever your passion is, you can create a website on it. Wealthy Affiliate provides you a SiteRubix domain that you can use or you can create a .com domain as well with being a premium member. You can build a website of your own and get top training too in 30 seconds.

How do I Get Visitors to my Website?

By this time I have started the step by step training and now starting to build my site, but what do I put in it to attract visitors? There is a free tool called Jaaxy which is right on the Wealthy Affiliate site and they have their own website as well to create ideas for your niche. This tool is an essential part in building your site because it gives you keywords and phases that will attract visitors to your site rather than the others who are writing about the same thing. Jaaxy also gives you how much traffic your site could potentially get and how many competitors you’re up against so you pick the best keywords. You definitely want to use this to boost your site to get on the first page of search engines. You can try it out and see how neat it is.

Imagine how many billions of people are online and researching topics. The opportunity is huge and it all starts with a simple website, a niche and great content. You can do exactly what I did and succeed with the best training and help at Wealthy Affiliate all while doing it at home.

As always feel free to write a comment or ask a question below. If you love my page please share it.

5 Best Baby Monitors of 2018

When Were Baby Monitors Created?

Baby monitors have been around since 1937. The first one was called the “radio nurse”, which was a two part speaker and transmitter that we still use today.

A designer named Isamu Noguchi created it for Zenith Radio after the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped from the family nursery.

As you can tell, baby monitors have come a long way since then. They’re many different types such as two way audio, video, smartphone and even movement ones. Those are just a few.

Which Baby Monitor Is Best?

I’m sure you’ve been researching which baby monitor to get and of course which one is best. After all, this is helping make sure your child is okay.

Deciding on the best baby monitor is a tough choice. It really depends on what you need and how much you’re willing to spend. I did all the research on finding the best baby monitors of 2018 for you so you have one less thing to worry about.

I’ll be going over the best of the best monitors along with highlights and real reviews of the products as well. Of course I’m going to tell you the price and the best place to buy so you can make a confident decision and purchase it without a hassle. As always please leave any comments or questions below. Please share this page if you feel someone else could benefit from it as well.

 # 1. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit smart baby monitor

This monitor gives you hands down the best view of your baby because it gives you an overhead view of the area. What’s great about it is it records sleep activity and even tracking with HD live streaming. It also works with WIFI when your internet is down. It has a hassle free set up with hidden cords so you won’t have to worry about your child grabbing it when they get to that curious stage. The motion notifications allow you to get alerted even when you’re in another application on your phone. You can also share the app with care givers so you can all be on the same page. A major plus is it gives you sleep recommendations so you can all get a full nights sleep. What other monitor can do that?

  • Best place to buy- Amazon
  • Price- $279.00
  • Rating- 4.5 out of 5 stars

“Fantastic baby monitor. Not only do we love the sleek design, but the mounting/installation is far more streamlined and safe than other monitors as well. Love the app. The creators definitely paid attention to detail and didn’t miss a beat with the design and features (eg the soft glow night light is a lovely touch). Recommend!” -Jessie

“Worth every penny!!
When it comes to video baby monitors, this one takes the cake. I’ve tried several (with my other kids), but the camera was always grainy or the sound muffled. Not Nanit. It also works if my internet goes out b/c they are still on the network and connected to our router. Wish they had been around when my first two were born! Awesome quality, fantastic sleep analytics, amazing features”. -Aya H.

#2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8

Rated “Best Video Baby Monitor” by The Bump on 2/22/2018, the infant optics DXR-8 is the first of its kind. It has interchangeable optic lenses so you can have close-up, panoramic or full view of your child. This will definitely be worth the money since you can use this for many years. With two-way talk you’ll be able to hear your child crying and talk back to calm them down. It also has the capability to have up to four cameras so you can have them in multiple rooms or use them for multiple kids. In my opinion, the best part of this camera is the remote tilt zoom that is extremely quiet which is so important with a sleeping baby. It has a wireless transmission that gives you 100% privacy with no delay time and up to 10 hours of battery life. The temperature monitoring allows you to make sure your child is comfortable. It also has up to a 700 feet range that gives you peace of mind when you need to step into another room.

  • Best place to buy- Amazon
  • Price- $165.99
  • Rating- 4.4 out of 5 stars

“This is an awesome monitor. large screen, very great sound receiver. What I like most is the changeable lens, I like it very much and the camera can turn around 270 degrees.” -James

“Just received our camera today. I can’t even explain how AMAZING this camera is. After 3 different (cheaper) camera purchases, I bit the bullet and spent a little more on this one. Let me tell you, I have FINALLY found one that I love! It’s so user friendly and it has the easiest setup! Worth every penny I promise! Love love love! Thank you!!” -Jenna

#3. iBaby M6S Smart Digital Video Monitor for Android & iOS

iBaby Monitor

This monitor only takes 60 seconds to set up. The amazing is, you can have multiple users so other family members can enjoy watching your child if they’re far away. It sends security activity and alerts right to your phone in case anything suspicious comes up. The two way audio has noise cancellation along  with a 360° view and 110° tilt that can be controlled from your smart phone with the push of a button. You can even play music from your phone to the monitor. Technology has really made this monitor a win win.

  • Best place to buy- Wal-Mart
  • Price- $113.99
  • Rating- 3 out of 5 stars

“The camera is very easy to set up and use. I have the M6S and the purifier, both work great. The fact that I can move the camera with a pinch of my finger is way too cool. I have an Eero WiFi system in my house, with no problems.” -EC

“Outstanding quality product. Works exactly as described. I can travel the world and look in my niece. The wifi options and controls are awesome are a must have too that many similar products do not have.” -ATX

#4. VTech Safe & Sound DM221

Vtech Safe & Sound

If you’re looking for an audio only monitor, this is the way to go. It cuts down on static and feedback. Vtech is a very reputable company so you know you’ll feel confident getting this monitor. It reaches up to 1,000 feet which is almost unheard of and makes for a wonderful travel monitor too. The vibrating sound alert is a plus if they’re lots of noise so you still know if your baby awakens. Although this is an audio monitor, it does have 2 way talk back if you need to calm your child down. It is the best audio monitor out there at a great price.

  • Best place to buy- Amazon
  • Price- $29.36
  • Rating- 4 out of 5 stars

“After more than one year of use, this baby monitor is still a highlight in all the stuff we use. Excellent sound, good battery duration away from the power cable, good range.
Used in combination with a camera system is unbeatable.” -Santiago

“Works great and easy to use Very nice sensitivity. You can talk as long as the receiver is in the room, you can hear it. Works great for my daughter’s monitoring! Highly recommend.” -Anonymous


#5. Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

Owlet Smart Sock 2

So I’ve gone over video and audio monitors, but this one is a must have if your little one needs some extra tender loving care. This monitor uses a sock to monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels to make sure they are within the recommended range. It has a green light to let you know that everything is okay and sends an alert through the app on your phone to let you know if rates are too low. This is something you’ll want to have for peace of mind and get a good night sleep. It is costly, however it is giving you information that other monitors can’t and you definitely want that if you need to monitor something serious and that’s a small price to pay.

  • Best place to buy- Amazon
  • Price-$299.99
  • Rating- 4 out of 5 stars

“Best investment we have ever made. It’s expensive but worth every penny. When our son is sick we watch his levels and use that to inform the doctor. I’ve also used it to adjust his sleeping position when his o2 levels are low indicating that he’s not breathing well with his stuffy nose that he’s had all winter. It’s also nice when I’m not home I can pull up my app and see how he is sleeping. I would buy it again!”- Anonymous

“Can’t say enough about this monitor! It saved our babies life!! He never showed signs or symptoms of respiratory distress yet the monitor let us know he was desatting down in the 70s!when testing it compared to a medical grade pulse oximeter, the owlet was SPOT ON! So worth the money!! If you have a little one here or on the way get this!!”- Amanda


Difficult Toddler Behaviors

Why Do Toddlers Do What They Do?

When you’re a parent you have to do things that you absolutely dread doing. It may be daily, monthly or yearly things. They’re just some things you wish weren’t so difficult to deal with. Some aren’t that big of a deal, however your child makes it 10 times more difficult than it should be.

Do you remember your mom or dad saying to you “If you would just do XYZ it wouldn’t be that hard?” I find myself saying and thinking that on a daily basis. To kids some stuff they go through is still fairly new to them and they are still trying to get used to it all. They’re some things as adults we’ve never gotten used to. It’s part of life and if everything were as easy as we would like, our lives would be boring. We always have a story to tell and that’s what’s great about life.

Find Out More On How To Deal With This Stage And More

When you mention needing to go to the doctor, the look on your child’s face is like they’re going to the pound. Doctors are there to help you and for some reason they’re the ones they hate. Maybe they have a repressed memory of being a newborn and having to do all those tests and getting shots. Even when they’re going for a regular checkup with no shots it’s a big deal.

When you need to go you’re more than likely going to have to give them a prep talk on the way there so when you arrive they don’t freak out.

You’ll be sitting in the waiting area or the examination room for probably a minimum of 30 minutes before the doctor comes in, so you’ll need to entertain and stop them from touching everything, which doesn’t last very long.

Once you finally get to see the doctor and as they come near them they start to panic. That pep talk you just had meant nothing. What you thought was going to happen actually happens. You need to hold them down kicking and screaming just to get their temperature. It’s just a thermometer! Having to watch them “hurt” your kids breaks your heart and it’s worse because you’re the one that has to hold them down. You never want to see your child cry, but it’s something we have to do. Maybe one day they’ll understand we’re really trying to keep them alive.

When they eventually stop crying and you go to checkout, they see that bowl of lolly pops as if it has a bright white light over it. They miraculously have a big smile on their face and forget all about what just happened. Whoever thought of that was a genius and we all thank you!

Getting Your Toddler To Get Dressed

When I was little I used to change my clothes 10 times before leaving the house (don’t ask my why) and I’m not sure how I made it on time to anything. Now I have OCD with being on time which makes getting my 4yr old get dressed much harder. I even tell my son to get dressed as soon as he gets up because I know how he hates getting dressed.

I’ll ask a few times while still being nice about it. My mornings go a little something like this. Please get dressed. Get dressed. Are you getting dressed? You better be getting dressed! Why aren’t you getting dressed? Why aren’t you dressed? By this time I’m yelling and he’s giving me an excuse that he needed to fix his garage for his cars or even tell me his leg hurts and he can’t do it. Then I’m still yelling and he’s throwing a tantrum because he hates getting dressed.

So why don’t I just get him dressed and save myself the headache? Oh hell no! I taught him how to do it so I wouldn’t have to. They need to know that we won’t always be there to help them with things and they are more than capable of doing it all by themselves. Plus I don’t want him living with me past the age of 18, so the more he can do now the more he can help himself with other things going forward. This is a daily battle, but I know he’ll get it and his future wife will thank me.

Getting Your Toddler To Use The Potty

If you read my post on potty training you now know how that goes and the difficulty still continues. Now that they’re potty trained you’d think they’ll use the potty when they need to. This won’t happen. You’ll still be asking if they need to go and tell them they need to go before leaving to go anywhere. Of course they’ll say no every time you ask. As soon as you get in the car and start driving they’ll say they need to go and they can’t hold it. I don’t really think they understand the question of if they need to go. Even when you explain that they’re no bathrooms or you can’t pull over on the interstate when cars are going 70mph. Nope, don’t need to go.

You’re somewhere and you see your child doing the “dance” so you take them to the bathroom even though they’re still insisting they don’t need to go. Sometimes they’ll end up going and sometimes they’ll still say they don’t need to go.

You know exactly what’s going to happen because it happens every time. You see them doing the dance again. Really? By this time they’re on the verge of exploding because they won’t use the potty when they should. Why? Because what they were doing was more important.

I wouldn’t want to stop what I’m doing either, but I also know you don’t want to hear me explain for the millionth time why you should have went earlier and why you’re so upset that you had the accident. We wouldn’t have to go through this and you could have been playing this whole time. All I can do is keep asking and know that one day they’ll get it and I won’t have to ask if they need to go pee pee in a huge crowd.

Toddlers and Potty Words

My oldest son never said anything close to a potty word until entering pre-school at the age of 4. Once he started school the potty talk began. What is considered potty talk? It isn’t curse words, which I’m not looking forward to. It is more of poop, pee and butt. Hence potty words. For some reason he likes to add these words to the end of every sentence. He even decides to throw in the word head once in a while too. He doesn’t use them to name call which I’m very thankful for, but I’m also surprised because he is in school and I know it happens.

It is really hard to explain to a 4 year old not use these words and why. They don’t understand that it’s just not proper. They aren’t really considered bad words. I guess I was raised not to say those words so I passed it on to mine. Toddlers around this age are still exploring their vocabulary and learning between what is right, wrong and why.

I’m not one that is going to blame the other kids for what mine is doing. The influence is very strong and my children will learn good and bad things from others, but my job as a parent is to teach my child and not worry about what others are doing. All we can do is teach them and hope they make the right choices. Even as adults we make bad choices. It’s part of life and we all had difficult behavior at one point, but it’s what we learn from it that matters.











3 Best Toddler Car Seat Ratings

Toddler Car Seat Ratings

A car seat is the most important purchase you will make before having your child. You want to make sure that your child is safe at all times and a car seat installs easily and properly.

Here I’m going to go through the names, product overview and ratings of the 3 best car seats for toddlers. Also listed are pricing and where to purchase them.

There are many different brands and styles of car seats. There are infant, convertible and booster seats for older children. I haven’t gotten to the booster seat yet for my children so I can’t give a rating on that just yet, but these are the car seats that I have owned or currently own for both my children.

I hope this will make it an easier decision and help you get some ideas as to which type of seat to get even if it’s not one of these specific ones. As always please feel free to leave any questions or comments.



Name: Graco Snugride Click Connect 35         Website: Amazon
Price: $115.83
Owners: Graco
Overall Rating: 10

Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 Product Overview

This car seat is rear facing only with a 5 point harness for maximum security. Weight specifications are 4-35lbs and 32″ for height. It clicks easily onto the car seat base and all Graco strollers so you know it’s secure.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Extra head support cushion
  • Secure click to know you placed it in correctly
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with adjustable canopy to block the sun
  • Can be used with all Graco Click Connect Car Seat Stroller Combo
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in a variety of colors for Boys and Girls
  • Will last for a few years before needing to convert to a convertible seat

The Bad:

  • Nothing


Name: Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat   


Website: Amazon
Price: $129.99
Owners: Evenflo
Overall Rating: 10

Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat Product Overview

This convertible car seat can be rear facing or forward facing up to 65lbs and 50″. It has a 5 point harness for safety and has thick padding for the head and sides.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Easy to install
  • Has click tension rod for easy loosening and tightening
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in a variety of colors for Boys and Girls
  • Lasts a long time
  • Easily Adjustable harness height
  • 3 different reclining positions

The Bad:

  • Nothing


Name: Costco Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat       


Website: Amazon
Price: $49.99
Owners: Costco
Overall Rating: 8

Costco Convertible Car Seat Product Overview

This car seat can be rear facing and forward facing up to 50lbs and 43″. It has a 5 point harness for maximum security and 4 different harness heights.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Good price
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in variety of colors for Boys and Girls
  • Has cup holders

The Bad:

  • Straps can be hard to tighten
  • No extra head support


Potty Training Toddlers

Are You Ready To Start Potty Training Your Toddler?

I believe there isn’t a real time frame to start potty training your toddler. I learned that the hard way with my oldest. He was the worst to potty train. To this day, that was the hardest part of being a parent… so far. I started around age 2 1/2 and I think I started too early because he obviously wasn’t ready. Some people try at the age of 1 and some try at the age of 3. It all depends if your child is ready for this next stage in development.  Try not to put pressure on when they need to finish. That’s the worst thing you could do.

How To Tell If Your Toddler Is Ready To Potty

You will be able to tell when your toddler is ready to be potty trained. They’ll take an interest in what happens when you go to the bathroom and you’d think they’d be experts by how much time they spend in the bathroom with you, which is 90% of the time. Why would anyone want to spend time with someone in the bathroom? I don’t get it. They’ll be in your private space, but when it’s time to cuddle oh no, forget it. They’ll also want you to be in the bathroom when they’re going too. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

Once your toddler starts talking, they’ll put two and two together and understand what you’re doing. They might even say pee and poop to let you know what you’re doing in case you didn’t. They might even go as far as telling you pee pee and poo poo while pointing at themselves. It could either be because they need to go or they already went. Atleast that’s a start.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train?

I’m sure you’ve heard of some kids being potty trained in 3 days. I tried that and it backfired. I think I drank a lot those few days. When I started my oldest at 2 1/2 and wasn’t fully trained (no accidents during the day) until around 3 1/2. It can take that long or even longer. It’s a long process to get them to understand when their body is telling them they need to go, that they should actually go.

I know a few friends that have girls say they did it fast. Most friends with boys said it took longer. I think it may be because boys don’t mind being dirty and wet. Mine especially would sit in a dirty diaper all day if I would let him. For some odd reason he didn’t mind and wouldn’t say anything. I would have to check him every so often to see if he went or not. When you’re trying to potty train that is the most frustrating thing. You know you need to go. Then go! I couldn’t understand why he was having so many accidents.

That’s when I realized this was going to be tough and it was going to take a while. I haven’t even started night training because I know he’s not ready and I’m dreading it. I haven’t started my youngest at all because I want to make sure he’s ready and I’m up for the challenge. He might be ready, but I don’t want to take any chances.

Best Way To Potty Train Toddlers

When I started my potty training journey, I didn’t know if my son was ready or not, but I was. I mean come on, you’re 2 1/2, you should be done already right? I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I also didn’t think it was going to be this hard. One word of advice is patience, patience!! That was especially hard for me as I am the type that when I want something done, I want it done right away. This has taught me to be more patient than ever. It also made me a better mom because it made me realize I need to be patient with every stage and know that I can’t control everything and that’s a hard thing to let go of.

I tried having him home for 3 days naked, setting a timer for every 15 min and make him sit on the potty. That didn’t work for me, but it might for you. I would have him read and nothing would happen. I even tried to bribe him with chocolate. Not interested. As soon as he would get up he’d go in the other room and pee on the floor. Seriously?! The potty is right there! This happened for 2 day’s straight. I was determined to have him trained. The joke was on me. He wasn’t going to do it and I had to realize that, so I gave up.

Find More Tips On Potty Training Toddlers 

About 3 weeks later he all of a sudden sat on the potty and went. I couldn’t believe it and I felt such relief. Yes, he had accidents and it was a work in progress. We got frustrated with each other at times, but the day goes on. No matter how you choose to potty train make sure you’re patient and have a bottle of wine ready for the end of the day. Here are a few books I recommend that have helped my toddler about using the potty. Click on them to check them out.

Potty Training in 3 Days By Brandi Brucks
Potty By Leslie Patricelli

Everyone Poops By Taro Gomi

Odd Things Toddlers Do When Potty Training

Toddlers do the oddest things when they’re potty training. For instance, mine decided to go anywhere outside. Both pee and poop. He would poop on our back patio like it was nothing and I’m sure watching the dog was no help. He would just go. I would always yell at him that the toilet was right there. At one point he even rolled one of his toys in it. It is still up for debate whether it was intentional or not. Maybe it’s just boys, I don’t know.

Another funny story (he’s going to hate me) is that one morning he came in my bedroom telling me he had pooped in the kitty litter. I shrugged it off and said ya OK. Later that day I realized he wasn’t joking. What in the hell!? Oh the joy of having boys. I’m sure yours will have their “special” spot to relieve themselves too. Goes to show you kids are unpredictable. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You can’t make this stuff up.

Which Potty Training Seat Should I Get?

Now that you’re getting ready to take on the challenge, you need to invest in a potty seat. They’re many potty seats out there. Types that go on the toilet that are soft and have characters on them. Ones that are similar to urinals and ones that sit on the floor. Here are some types I have tried. Click on the pictures to check them out yourself and see which one(s) would be best for your toddler and your journey. Please leave any questions or comments below . Good luck!


Potty Training Seat For Boys and Girls With Attached Hook

Cuddle Baby Generation II Boys Urinal
Pottete Travel Potty

Best Books For Parenting Toddlers

Parenting Advice Books   

They’re many parentin-g advice books. They go through everything imaginable such as tantrums, eating, kicking, biting and that’s just a few. I seriously have no clue what they did when I was a toddler because they didn’t as many resources that we have now. I’m guessing my mom asked her mom or asked a friend and hoped for the best. E books are the fastest ways to get information on a topic you need an answer to right away. Let’s face it, when we go online to Google a topic you come up with a million sites that you need to rummage through to get exactly what you’re looking for. I personally like physical books because I can go through the index and find what I need fast. I don’t know about you, but I get very side tracked online and I forget what I was going to do.

Which Book(s) To Choose

Why are there so many books? Toddlers are really that hard to understand and we seriously need a guide to help us figure out why. You’re online or at the book store and you’re overwhelmed about which parenting book or books to choose. They’re books that range from all topics imaginable. You’ll find a few that you’ll absolutely love and recommend for years to come. I’m a little different when it comes to books.

My Favorite Parenting Toddlers Book

I tend to stay away from books that are happy-go-lucky and life will be perfect when I’m done types of books. I’ll be honest. That’s not going to happen. Toddlers are unpredictable and they all act differently to every situation. That is why everything you’ve read before about having kids is nil and void now. Yes, I’ve read books on “preparing” for parenthood, but once I got around age 1 1/2 I stopped and let me tell you why.

First, I didn’t have the time to pick up a book or Google anything because of the hectic day and I totally forgot by the end of the day. I glanced over a few, but I only fully read one because I wanted answers. Still to this day I can’t remember the reason I got the book in the first place, but I’m sure I implemented something at one point; who knows. Of course there were a few books I glanced over online like when to potty train and how. If you’re going to get any book, get a potty training one and “try” to prepare yourself for that circus of events. I explain all about that in my potty training post. Make sure you check that out.

My favorite parenting toddlers book has to be, “The Happiest Toddler on the block”. Why? This book explains why toddlers do what they do. Sort of behind the scenes into their mind. I had many aha moments when reading this. It also had good analogues of what was going on that you’d never think of. This is also the same author who wrote “The Happiest Baby on the block”, so you know it’ll be informative.

Once I read “The happiest toddler on the block” I could be more patient and understand my son a little better. Click on the book below to check it out for yourself and leave any questions or comments below.



When Toddlers Start Walking

Congrats You’re A Parent!

You either said “ut-oh” or “finally”, which you’ll say a lot of by the way. Now that you’re officially parent, you’ve given birth (if you’re a mom), changed countless diapers and fed your child on command a million times a day. Now comes the fun stuff. Being a parent to a toddler.

It’s not easy. Starting from the very beginning it wasn’t easy. You should know by now when you were giving birth or witnessing it, that it would be an insight into what’s to come. Lots of crying and yelling.

Melissa and Doug

From Crawling To Walking

Ahhh yes, they are so cute when you see the first time they crawl since they haven’t moved in about 6 months and you thought your life was boring as hell. It’s a huge milestone even though It seems so minuscule. It starts off slow and you know they won’t go far, so you know you can still get things done. When they decide themselves to start walking, it’ll more than likely be when you least expect it. Yes they really are human beings and they choose to do things when they want and you’ll soon find that out. From the very beginning you’ll wonder when they’ll start walking and even at times beg them to start because by this point you can no longer carry that heavy ass car seat on one arm because they put weight on overnight.

As parents we seem to want to rush them to do things and even compare them to other children their age. We do this when they are a newborn too. We say “Yay, a tooth!” then say “I can’t wait for this f-ing tooth to come in!” It’s all fun and miserable at the same time. Even with crawling it’s so nice to see a change and suddenly someone will say, “Now the fun starts.”

The person that said “Now the fun starts” obviously had no clue what they were talking about because what’s about to come is when the “fun” starts. Taking their first steps will be something you’ll never forget. It’s probably one of the biggest milestones you’ll be most proud of and this is when they officially become a toddler.

This Is Only The Beginning 

They’ve taken their first steps towards independence and have officially become a toddler. When I say independence I mean it. They now have the go ahead to walk wherever they want whenever they want and they don’t look back. Walking sounds so nice and it seems like it’s one more thing you can check off your parenting list and you have one less thing on your shoulders. However, this is only the beginning.

Sorry to say you were sadly mistaken. Now instead of carrying them everywhere in the car seat or in your arms (which you’ll still do) you’re now holding their hand. Somehow they’re still attached to you. Huh? Aren’t they supposed to walk beside you like adults do? That’s a funny question and I’m seriously laughing. I’m guessing you have this walking on the sidewalk together look across the street before you cross image in your head. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Walking seems much easier at times and it is, but walking turns into what? Running! It seems to happen the next day.

The Runner

There’s the occasional toddler that will walk beside you, never run away and listen. Both my boys were like that until age 2 1/2. They want to be free and I can’t blame them because they’ve been immobile for a good 8-14 months give or take. Hell ya, I would want to take off with my new learned skill too. My oldest is past that phase thank goodness, but I was well aware it was probably going to happen again and I was dreading it. I now have flashbacks of what I went through with my oldest because I’m in going through it again. Damn it!

When I talk about the runner I don’t mean track running. I mean full on street, store, parking lot and parks just to name a few. It happens everywhere at any given time. I mean they got to keep you in check once in a while right? This is the reason you see so many parents holding their toddlers hands. It’s not only because they love them, it’s that they don’t trust them. The first time it happens you’ll realize you’re totally out of shape and they run fast. How in the world does someone with such short legs run like that? When they do decide to take off, it’s like their life depended on it.

You’re going to yell their name and say stop, but they’ll just ignore you like everything else you say. For some strange reason it’s a game and they’ll laugh and laugh. Unfortunately they don’t yet understand why they shouldn’t run away from you and you’ll wonder what the hell is wrong with your kid. Now when you’re invited to play dates, instead of saying “sure” right away, you’ll think of things such as how far they can run and if you’ll be chasing them the whims time. When you have a runner it’s hard to have play dates and you probably won’t want to for a good 2 months or so.


Learn About Potty Training 


The Best Shoes For Toddlers

Now that you have an official walker, you need a good pair of shoes. Some people like expensive brand name shoes and some don’t care (like me) because they’ll be outgrown in a month. You’ll be buying many many shoes in the next 2 years and probably spending more on theirs than you would on yours.

Investing in a good pair of shoes is important. They’re just starting to fully use their feet and need that extra support.

I personally like the brand Pediped. I had never heard of them before, but I seen a child with them on and they looked so comfortable and easy for them to walk in. When I decided to get a pair I fell in love and here’s why. They fit wide feet which which is hard to find.

  1. They are meant to mimic their feet so it bends with them so it’s much easier to get adjusted to.
  2. Many styles to choose from
  3. Soft rubber sole for non-slip
  4. Material is quality and will last
  5. Cheap on Amazon
  6. Fit wide feet
  7. They have an online outlet!

Here’s their website and the link to check them out on Amazon

Pediped Outlet
Pediped FootwearPediped on Amazon




Another brand I loved from the beginning and still buy is Stride Rite. Here’s why I continue to buy them.

  1. Cheaper price on Amazon
  2. Lightweight and fashionable
  3. Comfortable
  4. Also fit wide feet
  5. Come in many colors and styles
  6. Have rubber sole for non-slip
  7. Material is quality made to last

Here’s the link to look on Amazon

Stride Rite on Amazon


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel when all this craziness ends just like when you changed the last diaper and rocked them to sleep. You’ll go through so many things with these stages and things in between. It’s never a dull moment being a parent and it’s never a dull moment being a child. They’re learning about how everything works, what will happen if I do this or that and testing limits to understand what’s right and wrong or just get a rise out of you.

You’ll question pretty much everything you’re doing and never know if it’s the right decision or not. All you need to do while raising a toddler is try your best to keep your cool which is sometimes impossible when you’re in the moment. You’ll yell and even scream at the top of your lungs multiple times a day. You’ll try to filter everything that comes out of your mouth while at the same time try to come up with a way they’ll understand. It takes a lot of multitasking, hard work and dedication, but at the end of every day you somehow get through it all and you still love each other no matter what happened that day.

Just remind yourself it’s just a phase and it truly is. They’ll grow out of it and they’ll be onto something else. Tomorrow is a brand new day and a day of more adventures in the life of parenting a toddler. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.